CX17 Leaders: Claudio Dattolo


Claudio Dattolo, CX Class of 2017

"I want to better understand a method – a way of operating – to apply to circumstances which can improve people’s lives."


What attracted you to MKTG 6800: Customer Experience Design?

After having taken several more “traditional” courses, I was looking for something fresh, out of the ordinary. Customer Experience Design has a great reputation and this is one of the cases where a course lives up to its good and well-earned name. Interesting talks, up to date: not so many courses can give you as much as #CX17.

The approach of this course is what makes it successful: every topic discussed is deeply embedded in our everyday life and challenges you to think about solutions rather than learning notions by heart.

I really feel as if all of the themes that are tackled encompass a non-traditional way of thinking, which is a skill I will apply every day in the real world. 

What’s the biggest design challenge you want to tackle this fall?

Enhanced customer experiences can make people’s lives easier and smoother. Despite what others may think, marketers also have the power to do something for the communities and enhance living standards. Think about the continuous improvement that companies like Google, Uber, Airbnb put in place, starting from a consumer’s perspective. Can anyone deny that – when getting back home late night in the city (let’s not mention political and social issues for a moment) – Uber is an extremely useful tool?

Understanding customers, even anticipating their needs and reshaping environments: this is what I see myself doing in 5 years. What I want to focus on is not a specific challenge: I want to better understand a method – a way of operating – to apply to circumstances which can improve people’s lives.

Customer experiences in a certain industry are negative and consumers cannot reach their goals smoothly and effectively? These are the problems I want to solve.

People are not ready yet to accept a new revolutionary product or platform? These are the environments I want to work in.

What are you looking for in a future employer?

There are several interesting industries and opportunities out there. Therefore, there is no narrow path I have my sights set on; what should be there for sure is excitement, like most of the things I find interesting in life. A few other important points for me are: someone to challenge me, listen and give healthy opposition, with interest in personal and entity growth and eagerness to embrace forward thinking.

I’d like to find employers who are open to adapt to the ever-changing world. Using less traditional instruments, along with more flexibility and application of new tools: this is where I could express myself at the highest level.

Being digital as a company is an unavoidable step – but so is being open to listen and gather information from anywhere if you want to thrive. 

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Customer Experience Design is offered at the Schulich School of Business - York University.

Markus Giesler

Markus Giesler draws on concepts from economics, technology studies, and sociology to inform his research in marketing. He determines how ideas and things (products, services, experiences, technological innovations, intellectual property, brands, etc.) are made valuable over time, with research focused on improving marketing strategy through an understanding of markets as evolving social systems. Giesler's research has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the European Research Council (ERC) and published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing. Giesler has an extensive entertainment industry background. He founded his own record label at age 17 and has worked in various production and marketing responsibilities for over a decade. He lives in Toronto, Canada.