Doctoral Training

I'm very involved in the training and mentorship of doctoral students, both at Schulich and in the field. Doctoral students I have worked with (or currently work with) include Luciana Velloso, Birgit Schneidmueller, Ahmed Benmecheddal, Anton Siebert, Pierre-Yann Dolbec, Ela Veresiu, Amanda Earley, Anastasia Thyroff, Janice Denegri-Knott, and Marius Luedicke.


The Sidney J. Levy Award

In 2008, I created the Sidney J. Levy Award. The Sidney J. Levy Award competition is held annually in honor of one of the founding fathers of Consumer Culture Theory. The award is given to the best CCT-oriented dissertation article published in the preceding year.


Student Collaborations

If you're interested in or having questions about collaborating on a marketing and consumer research topic, I'd always love to hear from you via email.


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Research News

What is Big Design?

Most of my current research revolves around a marketing subfield called "market system dynamics (MSD)" or "big design" that allows us to better understand consumption phenomena by investigating how consumers, managers, policy makers, and other social actors both shape and are shaped by markets. The figure below (taken from Giesler and Fischer 2016, MT) illustrates some of the theoretical benefits of this lens.


Learn more

To learn more about the theoretical and methodological benefits of the market system dynamics lens, please read this Marketing Theory special issue or this Journal of Consumer Research tutorial. To learn more about the "applied" benefits, please read the Big Design Blog or visit Big Design @ American Marketing Association. To learn more about how I fell in love with this approach, please read this interview.

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