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What makes Apple Watch tick?

Nobody needs better technology, but everyone needs answers to what's right and what's wrong.





Markus' Blog

Markus' ideas and thought leadership on customer experience design and market creation have appeared in Fast Company, Wired, Big Think, Marketing Magazine, and other publications. He has also a regular column at Huffington Post.


"Markus Giesler is one of 8 business school star professors on the rise."

"Markus is one of 40 most outstanding business professors under 40 in the world."

"Markus Giesler is one of the best recognized experts on high-technology consumption."



Markus uses a sociological approach to understand the dynamics and design of (technology-based) consumer experiences and the influence of multiple actors on these experiences and on the market creation process.


Understanding who and what shapes our experiences as consumers and our perceptions of value is crucial to leaders in business and government, innovators, consumers, and anyone else interested in creating economic systems that are truly greater than the sum of their parts.