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This is Market System Dynamics

My research adventures into the economic and sociological unknowns of market creation.



Hi, I'm Markus Giesler. I do research in market system dynamics and study the influence of multiple actors and institutions on consumption and the market creation process. This work informs our understanding of marketing and helps companies create new markets and design engaging customer experiences. 

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Honors & Awards

My research has attracted over $ 1.5 million from agencies such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), and the European Research Council (ERC). I am also the only four-time winner of the Schulich Fellowship in Research Achievement.

Full List of Honors & Awards

Industry Collaboration

To help companies better understand their markets and consumers and to bridge the gap between research on market systems dynamics and marketing practice, i have co-founded a nonprofit, membership-based organization called the Experience Design Lab. Click below to find out more.

The Experience Design Lab

Doctoral Student Research

Research in the MBA Classroom

Research in the News Media

I do a lot of research with doctoral students. As the Marketing PhD Program Coordinator at Schulich, I currently mentor 7 young scholars.

My research has helped me design two of the most sought-after Schulich MBA courses: Customer Experience Design and Entertainment Marketing.

My research is frequently discussed in the global new media including the New York Times, Time, Financial Times, Fast Company, and Marketing Magazine.

"Markus is one of 40 most outstanding business profs under 40 in the world."

"Markus Giesler is one of 8 business school star professors on the rise."

"Markus is one of the best recognized experts on high-tech consumption."