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An illustration of Uber's ride sharing platform -- Source: Together with my co-authors Ela Veresiu and Ashlee Humphreys, I currently study the influence of emotions such as empathy on the economic viability of platform businesses such as Uber and Airbnb (JM).



My research adopts an augmented and dynamic sociological view on the creation of markets and the customer experience. I have published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing, and Marketing Theory. I also proudly serve on the editorial review boards for the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Research, Consumption, Markets and Culture, and Business & Society.


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What is Big Design?

Marketing is a "big tent" that offers many useful approaches to understanding social reality, markets and problem-solving. The starting point for my research, this blog, my teaching, and the lab is the idea that "big" sociological and anthropological lenses - lenses that are as dynamic and evolving as the social and economic systems that shape (and are shaped by) our experiences as consumers, citizens, managers, or policy makers - can make important contributions to better understanding (and also resolving) many of the problems we face today. One such lens is called "market system dynamics (MSD)" or "big design". The figure below (taken from Giesler and Fischer 2016, MT) illustrates how this lens helps address salient biases plaguing contemporary marketing scholarship.


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To learn more about the theoretical and methodological benefits of the market system dynamics lens, please read this Marketing Theory special issue or this Journal of Consumer Research tutorial. To learn more about the "applied" managerial and social benefits of the market system dynamics lens, please read the Big Design Blog on this website or visit Big Design @ American Marketing Association. To learn more about how, when, and why I fell in love with this approach, please read this interview.


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