Journal of Consumer Research Tutorial,
Markus Giesler and Craig J. Thompson


Process Theorization
in Consumer Culture Research

How do researchers studying the cultural aspects of consumption theorize change?

We propose four analytical workbench modes of process theorization in combination with nine genres of process-oriented consumer research, each presenting a distinctive combination of assumptions about the nature of change in market and consumption systems and consumers’ role in these processes. 

With contributions from

Gokcen Coskuner-Balli

Chapman University

Burçak Ertimur

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Bernardo Figueiredo

RMIT University

Eileen Fischer

Schulich School of Business

Ashlee Humphreys

Medill School of Journalism

Marie-Agnès Parmentier

HEC Montréal

Daiane Scaraboto

Catholic University of Chile

Ela Veresiu

Schulich School of Business

Navigating the Institutional Logics of Markets: Implications for Strategic Brand Management

Burçak Ertimur & Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, Journal of Marketing


Creating the Responsible Consumer: Moralistic Governance Regimes and Consumer Subjectivity

Markus Giesler and Ela Veresiu, Journal of Consumer Research