Markus Teaches Big Design

One-Day In-Depth Masterclass


 Take your marketing game to the next level with Markus Giesler’s masterclass on big design. Join Markus and colleagues for a one-day in-depth and exclusive strategy workshop.

Learn in a small group of senior executives. Use the latest insights about market creation and customer experience design, rooted in sociological and marketing research, to excel competitively in your industry.

Markus will teach you everything from using effective quantitative analysis methods and ethnographic techniques to understand consumer needs to developing transformative customer experiences.

Available twice per year in New York City (May and November).



360º Learning

Learn how to think and act like a big designer from the ground up through carefully developed learning modules that cover all core aspects of big design.


Course Kit

Get access to additional video lectures and workshops as well as your own big design course kit to apply big design tactics in your own role.


Small Groups

Work on timely case studies and exercises in an intimate setting with likeminded executives from other carefully selected orgs and industries.