MTKG 6800: Customer Experience Design - Frequently Asked Questions


What sets this course apart?

One aspect that sets this course apart is a methodological core innovation called Venture. Developed specifically for this course, Venture is a proprietary methodology that requires students to team up with companies, policy makers, and media journalists to solve a real world customer experience design problem. Your venture ties your course experience to the real world.

The course also integrates traditional approaches to customer experience design such as journey mapping with more recent culturally and managerially oriented approaches to customer experience design. The latter portion is proprietary to this course and is rooted in recent scholarship as well as applied research conducted through a think tank called the Big Design Lab.

Lastly, the course partners with a number of media platforms including Marketing Magazine, the American Marketing Association, and Apple News to offer student teams an opportunity to share their ideas and insights with the profession. Here are a few examples from the Class of 2015.


How do I get into the course?

Customer Experience Design is one of Schulich’s most sought-after MBA elective courses. Every year, 90 MBA students are admitted in two sections in the fall. In the past, the wait lists for each section have been up to three times that size. In order to score a seat, it is recommended that you register as early as possible.


How do the sessions look like?

There is no such thing as a “typical session” in this course. Every session is uniquely built around one or two central case studies as well as a number of design and theory exercises, simulations, and group challenges. The case studies are proprietary to the course and cover challenges and issues faced by Big Design Lab member companies. Protagonist executives may be present in the session.


Will I have access to Big Design Lab member companies?

Each year, three students will be awarded a Big Design Lab Fellowship. Fellowships enable students to present their ideas and insights to member executives at the Big Design Lab Roundtable in Davos, Switzerland. In addition, all Big Design Lab member companies have exclusive access to students and frequently hire from the course. Through the lab, the course serves as a matchmaker between industry and students.


Does an EMBA or open enrolment version of this course exist?

An EMBA version, originally developed for the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program, exists. If you are interested in learning more about this version as well as specifically tailored versions of Customer Experience Design, please send me an email.


Can I audit this course?

Yes, it is possible to audit this course if seats are available. Please contact Sarah McNeil.


Can I teach your course at my business school or university?

If you are interested in developing a Customer Experience Design course at your school, please do get in touch with me. I’m always happy to help and share select course materials and provide feedback and suggestions. That being said, the Customer Experience Design syllabus, the Venture Methodology, and all course materials including the case studies, case notes, assignment briefs, and slide sets for both the MBA and EMBA version of Customer Experience Design are property of Markus Giesler. Please do not use or share any of these materials without my written permission.