This is Customer Experience Design

MKTG 6800: Customer Experience Design (MBA) at the Schulich School of Business


Welcome to the Class of 2017


We are the students of MKTG 6800: Customer Experience Design at the Schulich School of Business (York University). According to Salesforce's 2017 "State of Marketing" Report, the customer experience is not just a focus of marketers but has become their central emphasis. In our course, the first of its kind in the world, we have teamed up with our prof Markus Giesler to excel in this new paradigm. We're learning about the key elements of effective customer experience design and delivery and how to create a captivating customer experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. This year, we are 90 students. Learn more about who we are by clicking above.




Our insight columns

In our course, we have adopted an experiential learning format. For this reason, we don't simply write regular exams or reports. Instead, we work on actual problems and share our learnings with practitioners at the Huffington Post and the American Marketing Association. Here are some examples of what we've been working on:

#CX17 on social media

To extend our discussion beyond the classroom and involve other stakeholders such as managers, policy makers, consumers, and journalists, we're also very active on social media. Under our course hashtag #CX17 you can find us debating issues and sharing materials. Here are some of the things we've tweeted about so far:

Course Videos

One of the assignments in our course is to capture an important idea or customer experience design issue in an improvisational 90-second short video using royalty free video and sound content that's available online and onboard computer technology. Here is an example video on religious customer experiences:



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