Best of Big Design in 2015


Thank you for being one of 6,142,231 people who read my blog stories here, at HuffPo, AMA, Marketing Magazine, Transnational Institute, the Schulich website, and some other cool places in 2015! Things went pretty well until, of course, my amazing Customer Experience Design students wrote the most read AMA marketing story of 2015. Please read all their stories over here. And now the five most read posts that I wrote in 2015:

Going Legit: Marketing as a Social Designer

(with Ela Veresiu)

From a conventional marketing perspective, firms are able to create a new market by satisfying an unmet consumer need or by developing an innovation that is inherently better or more advanced than existing alternatives. However, these traditional marketing approaches are far less likely to succeed in environments in which the value and meanings of a new product, service or industry are subject to ongoing negotiation among multiple actors,

Oct 5, 2015

The Tidal Wave That Wouldn't Turn

Rhetoric alone doesn't a powerful contender make. Real market opportunity come from deficits in existing market structure that are experientially real to music consumers, not just elite artists.

Mar 31, 2015

What's Inside a Tesla Battery, Sociologically?

Last week, Elon Musk entered the stage with a powerful marketing message: to end the world’s dependency on fossil fuels, all we need is two billion Tesla POWERWALL batteries. It is easy to accept this message at face value without understanding its underlying sociology. But there is more to battery design than energy storage capacity. 

May 6, 2015

How to Design a Sharing Market

"What we maybe should've realized sooner was that we are running a political campaign and the candidate is Uber… And this political race is happening in every major city in the world. And because this isn't about a democracy, this is about a product, you can't win 51 to 49. You have to win 98 to 2."

Feb 5, 2015

Target Canada: Why It Failed

133 Target stores will be closing and 17,600 Canadians will lose their jobs - over a marketing retail crisis that could have been avoided if management had adopted a more cultural lens.

Jan 15, 2015


Bonus: Interview in Schulich's Spotlight on Research 2015

From Top-Tier Pub to TEDx Talk (and Back): Reaping the Benefits of Integrated Scholarship

As our society is changing at a rapid pace, so are our definitions of research excellence. To explore where this may take us both individually and as a research institution, we sat down with Dr. Markus Giesler, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business.

Aug 27, 2015

Markus Giesler

Markus Giesler draws on concepts from economics, technology studies, and sociology to inform his research in marketing. He determines how ideas and things (products, services, experiences, technological innovations, intellectual property, brands, etc.) are made valuable over time, with research focused on improving marketing strategy through an understanding of markets as evolving social systems. Giesler's research has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the European Research Council (ERC) and published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing. Giesler has an extensive entertainment industry background. He founded his own record label at age 17 and has worked in various production and marketing responsibilities for over a decade. He lives in Toronto, Canada.