Best of Big Design 2016


Thank you for reading my blog this year! Here are the five blog stories from 2016 you read and liked the most. Also have a look at what my amazing Customer Experience Design students have written for the American Marketing Association this year. And don't forget to subscribe to my Big Design mailing list. Have a wonderful holiday and please come back in 2017!

The Buzzfeedication of Business School

Sometimes industries take a really long time to change. Consider all the terrible taxi rides we took until we had Uber. Or add the time you spent in overpriced hotel rooms until we had Airbnb.


Should You Invest in Empathetic Consumers?

The idea that empathetic companies – those that “step outside of themselves” and “walk in someone else's shoes” - are more successful and more likely to discover opportunities for growth isn’t new. But if empathy yields benefits on the production side, what about the consumption side? 


The Quest to Predict the Way Brand Images Get Hijacked

Researchers at York University’s Schulich School of Business say they may be close to creating a way to analyze data and create a way for marketers to see how consumers might create negative mirror-images of them online, in social media or elsewhere.


How Marketers Brought Britain to Brexit

As marketing professors, one who voted to remain in the EU while the other was born and grew up in its economic powerhouse Germany, we asked ourselves: what role did marketing play in delivering last week’s Brexit result?


"Trump's Election Is Good For..."

There is a new media trope in town and it's called "Trump's election is good for..." 


Bonus I: Most REad Media Story 2016

The Psychology of Pokémon Go Haters

Consumer researchers have learned that our consumption patterns reflect our biased moral framework — we are what we consume.



Making Banking Intimate: Fintech and the Customer Experience

Banks need to integrate Fintech and embrace innovation, such as app and human integration, which can provide customers with an intimate experience.


BONUS III: MOST Liked by Lab Members 2016

Customer Experience: The Invisible 95%

The language we use to explain successful customer experiences is always the same: “cool,” “captivating,” “convenient,” “premium.” But a look into other fields and the big design lab suggests that there is much more than meets the eye.


Markus Giesler

Markus Giesler draws on concepts from economics, technology studies, and sociology to inform his research in marketing. He determines how ideas and things (products, services, experiences, technological innovations, intellectual property, brands, etc.) are made valuable over time, with research focused on improving marketing strategy through an understanding of markets as evolving social systems. Giesler's research has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the European Research Council (ERC) and published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing. Giesler has an extensive entertainment industry background. He founded his own record label at age 17 and has worked in various production and marketing responsibilities for over a decade. He lives in Toronto, Canada.