How Inder Dhillon Builds a Better Working World

by Inder Dhillon, MBA 2013

My name is Inder Dhillon, I took Marketing Management with Markus Giesler, and I'm a management consultant at Ernst & Young where I help create a better future for our clients (including their stakeholders) by improving their daily operations and strategy.

My Big Idea: Building Stronger Communities

As one of my role models business leader Ratan Tata once said – Building a better working world entails businesses to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve. As a Management Consultant with Ernst & Young, I am privileged to be working in an industry that thrives on this idea whereby we try to create a better future for our clients (including their stakeholders) by improving their daily operations and strategy. I am currently working on a case where our input and advice is likely going to transform how our client will be better able to manage their capital risk and exposure across 50 plus countries, thereby allowing them to offer better product/services to their clients and attaining better returns for their investors. This case is particularly interesting because the prospective solution is capable of reducing job inefficiencies/processes for 5000+ employees worldwide, which will lead to a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

When I am not at client sites, I spend my time at the Regent Parks neighbourhood in Toronto with Pathways to Education. Pathways to Education is helping youth in low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition into post-secondary education. Pathways addresses systemic barriers to education by providing leadership, expertise and a community-based program proven to lower dropout rates.

I'm doing this because...

I was raised in a family of a farmer with humble beginnings where emphasis was paid on living for the greater good of the family/friends. I have always envisioned giving back with a progressive state of mind where I help not by donating financial resources but by developing skills and abilities of those that need help, so that we can collectively build stronger communities, and sustain it for the long term. Consulting for Ernst & Young provides both a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment where I am given an opportunity to give back to society, in this case – our clients, their stakeholders, and their communities at large.

Things I've learned

The most important thing that I learned under Professor Giesler’s guidance is the importance of constructing your own perceptual map/brand in the eyes of the audience, and ensuring you successfully defend that positioning. Building on my involvement efforts at Schulich, which included leading the student government (GBC) and the York Consulting Group (YCG), I wanted to continuously be involved at Ernst & Young’s outreach efforts as well. As a result, the work I do with the youth at Regent Park is very much focused on the youth trying to construct their individual perceptual maps as leaders and creators by excelling in academics and extracurricular instead of being hindered in professional growth just because of the neighbourhood they belong to. I hope that my actions will make others reflect upon how they can help build stronger communities.

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