How Meghan Moore Moulds the Experiential DNA of Canada's Premier Music School

by Meghan Roberts Moore, MBA 2008

My name is Meghan Moore, I took Marketing Management and Entertainment Marketing during my Schulich MBA with Markus Giesler, and I'm the Director of the Royal Conservatory School - one of the largest and most extensive community-based music schools in North America.

My Big Idea: Shaping Tomorrow's Musical Leaders

The Royal Conservatory of Music’s overall mission is to develop human potential through leadership in music and the arts. My challenge is to revitalize the programming of the Royal Conservatory School so that we differentiate ourselves in a crowded and fragmented market made up of individual music teachers and competing music schools. My singular focus is to help shape tomorrow's musical leaders by refining our offering as a unique, enriched experience and to design a truly integrated music education, providing music students of all ages and abilities with a well-rounded and comprehensive education that they cannot get anywhere but at the Royal Conservatory.

I'm doing this because...

Because of my involvement in music I am a creative thinker who can transpose ideas from one context to another and find unexpected harmonies in contrasting ideas; I’m a diligent worker – able to focus and hone in on what needs fixing; I’m an admitted perfectionist but, rather than being frustrated by imperfection, I’m fuelled by the challenge of tweaking things to get them even better (because a musical piece is never perfect). I have such a strong belief in the power of music in human development because I am living proof. I want every parent in the city to give their children the same opportunity to develop in new ways through music education.

Things I've learned

When I came onboard, our school wasn't market oriented. Our brand's identity value was not clearly defined and our offerings were not segmented or differentiated at all. Now we’ve developed a captivating continuum of music education, ensuring that our programming responds to our customers’ needs at different stages in their musical development. There had also been too little focus on the customer experience, so I’m working with my team to better understand and articulate another central concept taught in Professor Giesler's course: the Royal Conservatory School's unique “experiential DNA.” For example, while we have a reputation for high-quality music education, we also want our students to think of the Conservatory as a welcoming place where they can engage with music in a non-intimidating way. Since most people only engage with our building to come and take their RCM examinations, we wanted to change the public’s experience. To this end we created a number of experiential marketing initiatives such as the Royal Conservatory School's Wide Open House where we invite the public in for free drop-in classes, lessons, performances and information sessions. Our experiential strategy is proving to be a huge success and the demand and positive energy it drives contribute to our mission to redefine music education in Canada.

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