How Chris Jungjohann and Christian Wendlandt Create a Home Away From Home

by Chris Jungjohann and Christian Wendlandt, BA Economics 2013 (Witten)

We are Chris Jungjohann and Christian Wendlandt, we took Branding and The Marketing of Innovations with Markus Giesler, and we're the founders of THE BRAND CREATORS, a strategic brand consulting firm that brings brands to life across all perceptual dimensions.

Our Big Idea: Creating Brands that Tell Powerful Stories

With the establishment of THE BRAND CREATORS we made our very own dream come true. We work with powerful stories and materials to bring identity brands to life.  Most recently, we assembled a unique branded home space in Dubai. Our client's aim was to establish a new type of business traveler lounge in major business hubs all over the world. Our challenge was to create and materialize a particular branded vision of "home" - a space capable of slowing time and giving warmth and intimacy but without sacrificing the idea of mobility and working efficiently, and one that connects with and captivates our target audience: global cosmopolitan travellers who live in a constant flux. Together we developed TRVLR - a branded space that resolves our target consumer's contradictions between being away and being at home.

We're doing this because...

If one has to decide what one wants to do in life and especially what one wants to do for a living, we believe the only answer is: Do what you are best in and what you love. We love to give brands a unique and uniquely emotional touch, sense, and feel and to use stories and materials, lights, and scents that transform consumers.

Things we've learned

Markus Giesler helped us develop a deeper understanding of brands, brand identities and how brands can be used to create value. Especially our discussions about the role of drama in the presentation of self in everyday life enabled us to develop a new understanding of people and their identity projects. The insights enabled us to build one of our main tools for THE BRAND CREATORS, something that we call "modular identity,“ which helps us to understand the identity value that a brand brings to its customers.

But Markus Giesler not only showed us how consumption processes really work and what brands can do and also why. TRVLR, for example, builds on our discussions of how brands need people and objects to exist. TRVLR works because we used ethnography to better understand our target consumers' identity concerns and what narrative and material resources they're looking for to resolve them. That enabled us to create a powerful emotional servicescape that provides the comfort and warmth of home away from home.

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