Marketing to Feature Schulich X Designers

The Schulich School of Business's new MBA elective course Customer Experience Design has unleashed quite a bit of enthusiasm in the industry. So much in fact that industry-leading magazine Marketing will feature the entire course.

Schulich Dean Dezsö J. Horváth, Schulich marketing professor Markus Giesler, and Marketing's editor-in-chief David Thomas agree with Phil Kotler that "culture is marketing's next silver bullet" and that research-based insights about using culture to design cutting-edge customer experiences must be shared with the entire marketing community.

However, Marketing will not simply write about the course. Instead the magazine will publish an entire series of managerially-focused articles written by Professor Giesler's Schulich Customer Experience Design students. Each week from now until the end of the semester, a team of MBA students will share their unique insights. Readers will thus be able to follow the course from beginning to end.

The first article, a piece about emotional branding and brand image revitalization by Anna Goldenthuler, Zach Goldglas, and Sajjad Thaika, will be available on October 15, 2014.


  Schulich Dean Dezsö J. Horváth

Schulich Dean Dezsö J. Horváth

About Schulich

Known as Canada’s Global Business School, the Schulich School of Business is ranked among the world’s leading business schools by a number of global surveys. Schulich’s MBA program has been ranked #1 in the world by the Aspen Institute and on the Corporate Knights Global Green MBA Ranking. In Canada, the school has been ranked #1 by ForbesThe Economist and others. The Schulich School is based out of Toronto’s York University.



 Schulich Marketing Professor Markus Giesler

Schulich Marketing Professor Markus Giesler

About Markus Giesler

Markus Giesler is a Schulich marketing professor specializing in the study of markets as social systems. Giesler's newly designed MBA elective course Customer Experience Design offers an integrated framework for designing customer experiences and for learning how to create successful experientially based marketing strategies.



 Marketing's Editor-in-Chief David Thomas

Marketing's Editor-in-Chief David Thomas

About Marketing

Marketing magazine is the voice of Canada’s marketing industry. Marketing is comprised of special reports emphasizing insight, analysis, context and debate. From media planning and buying, digital marketing, and television to reports on multicultural marketing, agency rankings and the out of home industry it’s all there to keep the industry informed and inspired.

Markus Giesler

York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Canada

Markus Giesler draws on concepts from economics, technology studies, and sociology to inform his research in marketing. He determines how ideas and things (products, services, experiences, technological innovations, intellectual property, brands, etc.) are made valuable over time, with research focused on improving marketing strategy through an understanding of markets as evolving social systems. Giesler's research has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the European Research Council (ERC) and published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing. Giesler has an extensive entertainment industry background. He founded his own record label at age 17 and has worked in various production and marketing responsibilities for over a decade. He lives in Toronto, Canada.